The 2020 SET will take place Saturday October 24, from 9am.

We will be using the CAARC Call Out List to activate ARES members in advance of the ARES Net being activated at 9am.

The scenario, per RAC request, is a winter storm, and will be run as a virtual exercise and follow all Provincial and Municipal Covid-19 guidelines .

We are teaming up with ARES groups in Calgary and Edmonton, and planning to operate on VHF and 80m.

Hoping you will be able to check in to the net, and take part if you’re able.

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Next CAARC general meeting will be Wednesday October 21, 2020 07:30pm

The next CAARC general meeting will be Wednesday October 21, 2020 07:30pm on the CAARC VE6QE repeater system.

Everyone welcome.

VE6BLD multi-coax junction box on my tower

I have just completed building and installing a multi-coax junction box on my tower. I have 9 coaxes coming down the tower and feeding through a 4 inch pvc conduit to the basement. Every time a thunderstorm approached I would have to go behind my operating desk in the shack and disconnect them all. Two of the lines are 7/8 inch hardline with 1/4 inch solid core center conductor. Any lightning strike would have a direct path to the shack- not great!! I had an old aluminum weather proof  box which was used for a chart recorder in a town pump house. Please see the pictures for the construction and finished product. There is also another WP box three feet away to connect the coaxes from the house to a grounding bar during bad weather. The red banana plugs ground the disconnected  coax coming down the tower after they are disconnected. This way there is no path for the lightning to enter the house through the coaxes.

Stolen repeater

The Border Communications Group suffered a loss of equiment a short time ago. 1- Yaesu DR-1X repeater, 1- Arcom 210 controller, 1- CDM750 UHF and 1-CDM 1550LS Motorola mobile radios and 1 Solar Panel Charge Controller from an active repeater site. All interface cables also were taken. Cables were custom configuration to allow special features. (Southern Alberta)
Anybody hearing of a great deal on a Yaesu repeater and / or controller . . . .be aware. It may be stolen.

Transformer Balun for SOTA

My buddy in the US has designed this transformer for SOTA activations.  It is light weight, good to 50 watts and looks “cool”, BNC connector.  I am placing an order for winter antenna projects, they are about $10 each so please let me know if you would like me to increase the order for your needs.  I use one on my EFHW 20/40 meter SOTA antenna. 

VE6GHP estate

These items have to go. Any interest MAKE AN OFFER. http://www.caarc.ca/news/ve6ghp-estate-for-sale Thanks…Garry


Would all SARA members please mark your calendars and plan on attending the next SARA AGM via zoom Sunday Sept. 27, 2020 at 13:00.

Contact Garry ve6cia at gmail.com for invite details if you don’t have it.


Thanks…Garry VE6CIA

CAARC Sept. general meeting

The next CAARC general meeting will be Wednesday Sept. 16, 2020 07:30pm on the CAARC VE6QE repeater system. Everyone welcome.

Correction in Club Name to Use

Would you post the following for me? I seem to be caught in an endless loop of verifying myself.


Correction in Club Name to Use

CAARC Participation in 2020 ARRL Field Day`

Garry VE6CIA told me first. When we use the web applet to report our results, when filling in Club/Group Name, when we start typing “Central Alberta”, a list of possible completions is presented. One of the choices is Central Alberta ARC. Go with that, don’t fight it! Then the ARRL will add our individual scores to derive our club score.





Please check your time slot for net control as Jayne VA6JML has requested to be temporarily removed.

Also please download a new copy of the suggested net script.
CAARC Net Controller