ARES Net Control Script and Net Control Schedule

Time: 2000 hrs Local time, Sunday evenings;


LINK TO YXR 5A (first Sunday in the month only)

LINK TO NHB 654* (first Sunday in the month only)

Good evening everyone and welcome to the Central Alberta ARES net. This net is held every Sunday evening at 2000 hours local time on the Central Alberta Amateur Radio Club VHF & UHF Systems as well as the Northern Alberta Radio Club ARES System.

Your net control station this evening is VE6/VA6…, my name is … and I am located in …

We extend a warm welcome to all ARES members and non-members to check in.

Is there any emergency or priority traffic for the net?

Are there any announcements, bulletins, comments or concerns?

We will now listen for stations that would like to check into the net this evening.

Are there any IRLP or Echo link check-ins?

Are there any mobile or portable check-ins?

We will now listen for stations from the Central Alberta area;

Any stations wishing to check-in from:

  • Edmonton & area
  • Calgary & area
  • North
  • South
  • East
  • West
  • City of Red Deer

Are there any late or missed check-ins?

There were a total of… check-ins this evening.

Having completed all traffic on the ARES net, we will close the net for this evening and return all repeaters to their normal operation. Thanks to all who checked in.

Best 73s from VA6/VE6…




Following completion of the Net please send the report to VA6SGL (Stephen dot lee at shaw dot ca) with number of check-ins and items of traffic.

7/28/19 VA6SJA John
8/04/19 VE6XY Rod
8/11/19 VE6SNL Gary
8/18/19 VA6SGL Steve
8/25/19 VE6SYL Sylvia
9/01/19 VA6GMC Greg
9/08/19 VA6TNA Troy
9/15/19 VA6JML Jane
9/22/19 VA6SJA John
9/29/19 VE6XY Rod
10/06/19 VE6SNL Gary
10/13/19 VA6SGL Steve
10/20/19 VE6SYL Sylvia
10/27/19 VA6GMC Greg
11/03/19 VA6TNA Troy
11/10/19 VA6JML Jane
11/17/19 VA6SJA John
11/24/19 VE6XY Rod
12/01/19 VE6SNL Gary
12/08/19 VA6SGL Steve
12/15/19 VE6SYL Sylvia
12/22/19 VA6GMC Greg
12/29/19 VA6TNA Troy
1/05/20 VA6JML Jane
1/12/20 VA6SJA John
1/19/20 VE6XY Rod
1/26/20 VE6SNL Gary
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