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The 2021 SET will be held Saturday October 30, 2021 starting 9:00am MDT.

This year’s theme is “A High Impact, Low Frequency Event” as directed by RAC. Our scenario is based around disruption following wet snowfall.

A strong cold front passing through the Province has brought heavy, wet snowfall, this has brought down overhead power lines, leading to widespread power outages.

Rapidly falling temperatures following the cold front, have brought freezing conditions, with the power outages are bringing challenges to residents heating their homes.

The Canadian Red Cross has setup warming centres at major hubs across the Province. However, the power outages are causing a breakdown of the regular communication systems (landline, cellular); the Red Cross has called upon ARES to relay messages between Red Cross HQ, Operations Centres (Provincial) and the warming centres.

Respecting Provincial Covid-19 guidelines, the exercise will be a virtual response, no travel is required.
Make up your own challenges to pass along to other areas of what may be needed or what is happening at the time.
We forsee needing stations in the following locations:

    • Provincial Operations Centre
    • Municipal Operations Centres
    • Red Cross HQ
    • Warming Centres

Let’s try sending formal messages via NBEMS / Winlink.

Tune to VE6QE Saturday morning and await further instructions.

Further information on the RAC website

Any questions, send me an email, text or call: stephen.lee at shaw dot ca; 403 three zero seven one six 43



CAARC & Red Deer EC


DF Loop Construction Project

I have been having issues with RFI across the HF spectrum at my QTH, and having killed the house power at the main breaker, the RFI was still present, so I decided to build a direction-finding (DF) antenna to attempt to locate the source.
A quick web search yielded a link to the ARRL, with design notes to build such an antenna.

I used what parts I found in the junkbox, and it took 2-3 hours to build. The tuning is quite sharp, so I may add a slow motion drive to make tuning easier.

The next step will be to wander the neighbourhood, waving the DF loop around, and likely get some odd looks from the neighbours.

DF loop antenna

Tuning unit with variable and fixed capacitors





Please see the attached schedule for dates through to April 2018. If you’re unable to run the net on a given date please arrange for someone else to stand in.

If I have missed anyone who would to volunteer please let me know.


Thanks and 73

Stephen Lee, VA6SGL CEC

CAARC and Red Deer Area EC


ARES Net Control Schedule

ARES Net Control Volunteers

Firstly, I acknowledge the contribution made by Greg VA6GMC as ARES Net Control; thank you Greg.

ARES Red Deer is seeking volunteers to take on Net Control duties for the Sunday evening ARES Net. If you’re new to ARES, this is a good opportunity to learn or improve your net control and traffic handling skills.

There is a script to follow, and, in general, the Net doesn’t take more than 15 to 20 minutes. If you are able to commit to operating Net Control once every five weeks, I’d like to here from you.

Once there is at least five volunteers, a schedule will be drawn up with volunteers operating in rotation.

If you’re interested and would like to know more drop me a line at stephen dot lee@shaw dot ca, or give me a call at four zero three-three zero seven-1643.

If you’re already an ARES member that’s awesome, it not, why not sign up; just ask for details.



CAARC and Red Deer & Area EC


New Call Out List

The Membership Call Out List has been updated to June 2017, and available under the Members Download section;

Please download & print, and keep a copy near your phone.


Stephen Lee, VA6SGL

CAARC and Red Deer & Area EC