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MS Bike Tour–Thankyou

MS Bike Tour 2012 ~ THANK YOU  

Karen  VA6LDY


Create Your Website with WordPress

Hi, this is Dennis King (Bob VE6BLD’s son)…

If you’ve been meaning to create a website or if you’re frustrated with your current website, then this may be exactly the help you need.

I’ve put together a Free Website Starter Kit and you can get more details here:
Website Starter Kit for CAARC Visitors

Why the Wrong Tools Make You Miserable

It’s getting easier to create and publish websites BUT ONLY IF you start with the right tools.

If you’re not a web techie,  you’ll stumble into problems and confusion pretty fast.

You’re smart, but even today  all the choices and details are overwhelming – even for a web techie!

The story goes something like this…

Should you use a free blogging tool?  What about a web builder tool that was “tossed in” with your internet service provider?

Maybe you should get your own hosting or buy a domain name?

But how do you choose and register a domain name?  Should you?

What about configuring new email permanent accounts at you domain?
Even if you get this far, you’ll still have no website.

If you buy a separate hosting package then maybe you have high hopes for the “all include 1-2-3-you’re-done website builder tool”.

After countless wasted hours going in circles, you’ll realize that the hyped-up freebie website building tools offered at most web hosts are a total joke.

Now what?

Why be a sweaty trail blazing explorer fighting for every yard?

It’s easier and faster to follow a clear step by step path – a ready-made trail to the destination.

Leave the trail blazing or blind wandering to someone else.

I created the Website Starter Kit to help people escape the “bush-whacking frustration” of starting a proper website that they actually enjoy updating.

I created a page just for CAARC visitors that gives you some more details about the Website Starter Kit.

Just click the link below:
Website Starter Kit for CAARC Visitors


These days you can start a proper website without programming or internet-techie stuff of the past.

Just a few years ago it was hard to build a basic website.  You had to be a web techie.

You had to know how HTML code, CSS, and how to transfer files with FTP.  Plus you had to buy software for your computer.

That’s all changed.

Now you can easily build your own website BUT ONLY IF you start with the right tools.

Proper Websites Made Easy with WordPress

The CAARC website is a good example.  This site uses software called WordPress.

WordPress is FREE and Website Starter Kit give you more details about what it can do for you.

WordPress is high-quality open-source software that is completely FREE to use for a personal or business website.
Anyone can use it and all you need is hosting and a web browser.  It works on Windows computers and it works for Mac too.


You just need an internet browser, so it doesn’t matter what kind of computer you use.

I’ve talked with many people who have struggled with websites and web designers.

They were frustrated – either because they couldn’t get started or they were stuck using some old program that they hated!   Some of them had wasted a lot of money too.


I created the Website Starter Kit to help beginners start a proper website with WordPress.

It is designed to show you exactly what to do.  Every detail of every step is included.

You can start your website with this kit even if you’ve never created a website before and you feel like a total beginner.  If you know a bit about websites – then you’ll do fine too.

It shows you exactly what to do.  You won’t stumble around without a map.



It includes PDF guides, Audio, and Video.

If you’d like to start a proper website for your business or a personal interest then check out the Website Starter Kit.  The kit is free and packed with helpful information.

You’ll also get the 16 Reasons to Love WordPress audio report and PDF guide to help you decide if the Website Starter Kit is right for you.

To get your free Website Starter Kit click the link below.

You’ll land at a webpage I created just for CAARC visitors.  You’ll see a form asking for your email address, but don’t worry – your email is completely safe and you can easily unsubscribe anytime.

Dennis King


P.S. WordPress is free software that runs millions of websites.  It is fast becoming the tool of choice for creating websites.  The Starter Kit explains all the details, so go and grab it and judge for yourself.

A new D-X record is set using the ageing Amsat Oscar 7 satellite. A big tower victory in Nevada – Ham wins right to install 8 towers Erin King, AK4JG named the 2012 Amateur Radio Newsline Young Ham of the Year.

Amateur Radio Newsline™ Report 1821 – July 6 2012  
AuthorNews Desk
  • Ham radio responds as a severe weather hits the Mid-West and Mid-Atlantic US
  • A a new D-X record is set using the ageing Amsat Oscar 7 satellite
  • A big tower victory in Nevada – Ham wins right to install 8 towers
  • Erin King, AK4JG named the 2012 Amateur Radio Newsline Young Ham of the Year.

Click the  link below to listen to the podcast.

Another video test

Another video test

[jwplayer mediaid=”932″]

This is a time lapse video I shot of the VE6QE repeater new package installation.

Bob VE6BLD and Skip VE6BGT

Movie plugin test

[jwplayer mediaid=”929″]

Here is  a  test  video of the video plugin installation I added to this web site today. I will have to wait a couple more months to get

back on my wind surfer!!


Christmas Pot luck Supper

Everyone who attended the CAARC Christmas Pot Luck Supper had a good time.  There was lots of great food and we had a good turnout.
VA6VAN Vance showed us his flying skills with his new AR Drone flyer.
VE6CIA Garry was voted as Amateur of the Year for 2011, congratulations to Garry
VE6QEN Sarina displayed the GIZMO with her addition of the Death Star Ray Gun.
. VA6VAN Vance was the lucky draw winner for the GIZMO so we will have to wait a year to see what he adds to it.

Funeral Service

I am very sad to announce the passing of Melody Margaret (Fair) Lins.  Melody is the XYL of Rod VE6XY of Lacombe.  The memorial service will be held at the Lacombe Memorial Center on Saturday November 19 at 10:00 AM. The LMC is between 52nd and 53rd street on the north side of Highway 12 across from the police station and fire hall.

Adding your own links

I just received a question regarding adding links to this web site.  I’m afraid I have to add the links ..If I turn on the role to manage links then anyone who is a member user could add or delete any of the links already there. I’m sure no one would do it intentionally but all it takes is one mouse click on the delete button and the link would be gone. I may be able to find a widget that will only allow links to be added, not deleted so will search for one in the future. If you have a link to add please just send it to me and I will post it. You can also just add it to the shout box and I will try to watch for them.

73 Bob
Webmaster CAARC