Rail Gun

[html] "navy_rail_gun_small.jpg"This is a new "rail gun" the US navy is testing on one of their ships..It uses a electromagnetic field pulse to shoot a projectile over 200 nautical miles… It takes 3 million amps to shoot his thing for each projectile..The kinetic energy of a solid projectile hitting something at this speed is equal to a cruise missle hitting it, but a lot cheaper to use…
The average ordinary 15 inch gun now can only shoot around 15 nautical miles… The energy needed to shoot the solid projectile at mach 8 is around 32 megajoules… Its calculated to shoot this gun
6 times per minute the ship will have to supply 16 megawatts of power…They want to achieve a goal of a 64 megajoule weapon which would take a staggering 6 million amps to shoot…
They still need to develop a breakthrough in material construction so that the guns themselves won't be shreaded by each high velocity barrage…
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Facts on Ham Radio

[html] Thought people might be interested in reading some of these facts on Ham Radio.  I've added it to the links as well so it can be found after this news item is archived.  Its kind of an Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) which I think would be a good addition to this site for new hams to find out more about what amateur radio is all about.
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