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New items arrived:

HyGain DX-88 10-80M vertical HF antenna $250
MFJ-1622 2-40M apartment antenna, brand new whip 80
Opek 7-26p speaker  8
mini mag mount vhf 1" base X 4" high 10
baofeng speaker mike speaker mike 5
baofeng speaker mike speaker mike 5
Comet SB85 dual band mobile whip e/w mobile mount 40
RT systems USB-29B programming cable 6 pin mini din 15
speaker extension cable 20' 1/8" male and female conn., speaker cable  5
Acme headphone antique military headphones with pins 10
antique looking headset antique looking headphones with pins (Japan) 5



MFJ 108B ham clock  17
Antenna 20m coaxial dipole 24' 10
Kantronics Kam Plus Dual port, multi mode TNC 200
Tiger Trak TM-1 tracking module 100
Temro 120v .5a battery heater brand new 30
Heathkit HD-1410 electronic keyer 75
MFJ 904H antenna tuner 150w 10-80m 100
Max Rad antenna dual band mag mount 6" mag, 36" whip 30
Comet antenna dual band mag mount 3" mag, 19" whip 20
VHF antenna mag mount 3" mag, 29" whip 25
antenna handheld whip BNC 12" 15
Vectronics Kit 10m RX kit VEC-1010K 25
Vectronics case Vec-1000KC for VEC-1010K 10
Vectronics Kit 20m RX kit VEC-1120K 25
Vectronics Case VEC-1100KC for VEC-1120 10
Vectronics Kit 40m RX kit VEC-1140K 25
Vectronics case Vec-1100KC for VEC-1140 10
Vectronics Kit 40m RX kit VEC-1140K missing board free
Vectronics case for 40m kit open 10
yellow radio solar, crank, light, am, fm wb 25
APC BN650M1--CA UPS 7 outlet (5 protected), works great, 40
American case wheels, locking, retract. handle 22"X14"X8" 50
Plantronics S11 phone headset 30
small headset earphones 5
Yaesu MH-34 mike 10
MFJ 557 code osc code osc. and cw key 35
antenna whip 108" fiberglass whip, 3/8" nf end white 15


contact Garry ve6ciaatgmaildotcom

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How much is the MFJ 108B ham clock?


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