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25/04/2020 4:58 pm  

Hello All;


I recently sent a Icom 2300H to Icom Canada for repair.  I had a automotive battery freeze and short out, which shorted out and made the 2300 inoperable. I believe the voltage jumped over the fuse holders.  Prior to shipping to Icom, I called Icom in B.C. and talked to Albert.  Albert is the man who does amateur radio repairs. 

Albert explained the $100+ hourly rate was for commercial users, and he would be keeping in mind the cost of replacement.  He also assured me that no repairs would be done without my approval.  I sent the radio to Icom via Canada Post for ~ $18.00.  

Albert called me a couple working days after he received the radio, and advised me the cost would be $60.00 labour, and $1.80 for the part.  It was a protective diode that needed replaced.  Cost to ship back to me was ~$20.00.  I had the radio back within 3 working days.  

I could have purchased a new 2300H, for about $250, plus shipping and GST but for about $100 total, I am back up and running.  

Albert from Icom Canada was great, I fully recommend using their services when ever a product is beyond the users repair comfortably level. 

Thank You Albert, From Icom

Icom Canada - 1-604-952-4268