MFJ Plug & Play Intellituner 939Y


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I bought a MFJ 939Y - AKA - MFJ Plug & Play Intellituner for 200 watts SSB/CW, for my FT-450AT.  

I paid $230 for this tuner, GPS central in Calgary charged me an additional $9 to ship it to me.  

Set up was intuitive, and as easy as pie.  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.  

A quick briefing of the online instruction manual prior to me buying the unit was all I needed to set it up and get it operational.  I am very happy with this unit.  It has tuned my 40-6m MFJ antenna to ideal numbers.  All I needed to due was make sure the antenna was close to resonant on all bands, on the ground. Then I raised the antenna 35 feet in the air, and tuned it up.

This tuner has allowed me to tune the MFJ multiband antenna for use on 80m and 160m!  

I have also used this tuner to tune a 75m hamstick, which was centered at 3.7MHZ with a 1.2 SWR on the ground, I rasied that hamstick 35 feet in the air, and used to tuner to tune it up.  The tuner made this hamstick usable across the 75/80 meter band, and again the 160m band!

This was a great choice.   I recommend this product.  I have only had this tuner for a 6 days, now, and I love it.  As advertised, it tunes fast!


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