TRAM Model 11861 Antenna  


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26/05/2020 10:55 pm  

I received a TRAM Model 11861 Antenna today via Canada Post.  I ordered it on Amazon Canada, for $68.66, plus GST, and the shipping was included in that price; total cost equaling $72.09.  It took nearly a month to receive this antenna; however similar antennas at Radio World in Calgary were $85 plus shipping.  

Now the details.  This antenna is a 2 piece antenna with a center conductor.  It came in the mail, full length, with a tiny Allen wrench for the set screws.  Total length is 36".  I checked the set screws, all seemed tight from the factory. 

The Retail package indicates; " TRAM Model 11861- 144-148 VHF/440-450 MHZ UHF Dual Band Amateur 3 1/2" Magnet Antenna Kit, 2.4 dBd gain 1/2 wave VHF - 5 dBd gain 5/8 over 5/8 wave UHF  15 feet RG-58A/U precision cable, tinned copper braid 95%, stranded tinned copper center conductor - Black chrome plated stainless steel 0.100"whip- 180 watts - pre-tuned - PL-259 UHF male installed.  

I purchased this antenna with the intention to use with my HT radio.  With the stock antenna, a 6" rubber duck, I have not been able to make contact on the QE repeater from my ranch.  

Tonight I mounted it on the front rack of my quad, while I was building fence.  I received the QE repeater easily without dropoff.  I spoke briefly tonight with VE6 HPY, on the QE repeate. John reported some break up in my transmission.  According to Repeater Book I am 21.5 miles away from VE6 QE.  I was using 4-5 watts.  I did test the SWR on this antenna, reported as 1.00 on the QE frequency.  

As I get more hours use on this antenna I will report performance.  

Stay Tuned.