Solar pop can heater to warm your shack from the sun.


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In 2014 I found a video on you tube of a man in Newfoundland who had built a solar pop can heater. I decided I would build one for my big shop in the back of my large town lot. There is a south facing wall to install it against. I had an old double pane window in the shop that was about 3 by 7 feet. So the project began. I also had the aluminum frame from a score clock which had been removed from a school gym which turned out to be the perfect depth to fill with rows of pop cans after being insulated with 2 inch styrofoam. The metal frame also had a perfect indentation on the front to install the double pane window. I used a small squirrel cage fan on the inlet in the garage and another one on the outlet in the garage. There is a temperature sensor at the top of the outlet pipe connected to an adjustable digital temperature control. I can set any temperature to turn on the fans and I can also adjust the differential to turn off. As soon as the sun comes up and shines on the  the heater  it  will come to a temperature of 32 C. Today Nov 11, 2020 the sun was very low but the heater quickly rose to 32 C and the thermostat turned the fans on. The heater produced a steady 18 C temp into the garage all day. 

Click this link for the gallery pictures of this project

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