Time to build a new computer


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I needed to build a new fast gaming computer so I can play games with my grandkids on line. So the project begins! I wanted a small ITX case  to make it portable as I also want to get a VR headset to play in virtual reality with them. All the parts have arrived so time to start building. Check out the tiny mother board and the massive heat sink radiator for the CPU! I also have a tiny m.2 1 tera bite SSD drive to mount directly on the motherboard M.2 socket, crazy fast access time, 35 times faster than a standard HD, only 1 inch by 3 inch 1/8 inch thick! Should be fun.


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My 10 year old Windows 7 PC has been giving me some severe problems over the last 2-3 months, and beginning to suspect a motherboard problem. Sometimes it will boot, sometimes it won't; plus multiple restarts.

I looked at building a new one, but for the spec I wanted it was no cheaper than buying ready built, so I finished up buying a new Dell XPS.