Contact Details

Contact Details:

Postal Address:
CAARC (Central Alberta Amateur Radio Club)

P.O. Box 1103
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
T4N 6S5

Try using the club repeaters to contact locals, the main one is VE6QE at 147.150 Mhz +600kHz

At this website:
Contact Members Directly
Please use the CAARC user chat room, private messages or the forum on this site to get in touch with specific members. The forum is best for general questions as it is searchable and visible by all members here.
Local Hams meet for coffee most Saturday mornings at 10.00 AM at the north hill Village A&W Gaetz Ave and 67th Street which is right across from the Walmart/Parkland Mall  where Sobey’s and Canadian Tire are located.

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