Hello all.
Thank you to all the hams  for offering your help to participate in another field day  the last weekend of June. As covid seems to be slowly getting better  I hope we will be allowed to have a field day gathering with possibly more than 20 in attendance.  Brian VE6CKC has booked Hill Crest community center SW of Innisfail for the last weekend of June. Some of us met at the hall and we all agreed it is a great place for field day as it has a hall and an outdoor covered operating  area and lots of room for antenna separation.
Please see the following jobs we still need volunteers for before and during field day. Please note that you are responsible for providing your own meals , lawn chairs, mosquito spray, and any  other personal items you will need during field day operation.
Please e-mail Bob VE6BLD (sparkyham at gmail dot com) to add you name to volunteer for the jobs listed below.
  1. Volunteers to help pick up and set up the 2 CAARC tents ._____________
  2. Electric heaters for night , connected to generators.___________________
  3. Safety officer._______________________
  4. Attendance register person with sign in sheet.________________________
  5. Setting up the two tents-1 for VHF and above, 2ndone for general gathering , away from operating positions.
  6. UPS’s for logging computer backup._______________________________
  7. Pick up a few cases of bottled water for the weekend billed to the club.____
  8. Computer logging…VA6SGL setting up logging system._____________
Field day will be a great opportunity to gather and work together as hams to communicate around the world. If we all do a small part to help field day will be a great experience for everyone involved as well as learning some new skills and getting more operating experience.
I look forward to a great couple of days working together!
Please let me know by e-mail of any ideas or additions you can think of to help us plan this field day.
 I have a spreadsheet to keep track of all items volunteered so far including the following list.
I have left the donors names off for public security reasons.

73 and let’s have a great field day! 🙂



5 – 100 foot roles of yellow rope.
2 – 35 ft military jack up towers ,c/w all guys and screw in anchors
one push up 30 -40 ft aluminum 4 inch pneumatic hd mast
2- HF triband antennas and rotors and controllers
3 -100 ft coax runs
a top assembly for a mast with pulleys for wire antennas
Extension cords and multiple outlet power boxes  I have 3 or four..
2 LED work lights and two yard lights.
100 ft #12 outdoor cord, 100 ft #14 cord, 2- 50 ft 16 cords
HF/VHF radio FT857
antenna analyzer
90′ heavy duty extension cord
laptop computer
lots of tools
flagging tape
a 30 amp power supply
FT-897 covers HF/VHF/UHF
2000W inverter generator
I have the cables to connect to a laptop
2 – all mode all band transceivers
1- pop up 40′ mast
1 – antenna analyzer, vhf/hf
various lengths coax
flagging tape
generator with sola basic voltage regulator
extension cords
80m trapped inverted v
20m EFHW
Small folding table
1000 watt generator with gas
Antenna analyzer
Extension cords
Icom 7000 c/w power supply
35 marking stakes