Our Field Day will be held at the farm of Ray, VE6RSO, at 36279 Range Road 285 southwest of Penhold. From the intersection of the C&E Trail and Township Road 364, go west nearly 2 miles. Watch for where the main gravel road turns south to become Range Road 285. Follow this road south about 1 mile until you see the 36279 sign on the east side. Or put 52.100611, -113.980417 into your navigation system. When you get there follow the Field Day signs. Note: My Google Maps does not locate 36279 Range Road 285 correctly.

I want everyone who comes to this event to leave it with no new injuries or conditions. We will have a designated Safety Officer during all times that we are working to set up for Field Day, making Field Day QSOs and messages, and tearing down and tidying up the site. He will help us to remember to do things in such a way that we and the property we are using are kept safe. And if we, as amateurs, ever join an ICS effort, the Safety Officer function is always included as part of the Command group, although it may be one of many hats that one person wears when crews are small. The Safety Officer in Charge will have the power to stop activities that he deems unsafe. This power will be enforced!

We are working toward setting up 3 HF stations and 1 VHF/UHF station.

Our schedule will be (These times are Local):

13:00 hours Friday June 21 – Set up

18:00 hours Friday June 21 – ARRL Field Day Bulletins start

09:00 hours Saturday June 22 – Final set up and testing, capture Field Day bulletin if not already done.

11:00 hours Saturday June 22 – Pre-operations break – bring your own lunch, coffee provided

12:00 hours Saturday June 22 – Target for Field Day Operations to start. Note: We have outstanding invitations to outside groups, so it would be good to keep our radios working

17:30 hours Saturday June 22 – Field Day supper, donations gladly accepted, thanks to Ray for the hog roast – can we rotate operators to keep the radios working?

07:00 hours Sunday June 23 – bacon and egg breakfast, donations gladly accepted – can we rotate operators to keep the radios working?

09:00 hours Sunday June 23 – On-air operations continue. Note: We have outstanding invitations to outside groups so it would be good to keep our radios working

24 hours after start of on-air operations – shut down

Then tallying of score and tear down and clean up. Note – tear down can overlap with on-air operations for any item that is no longer useful, such as an 80-meter dipole after mid-morning.

Come on over! It would help me if I knew what times you could be there, please advise me of your intended hours if you can at va6sja@rac.ca or at my 306-321-4457 cellular phone. But you are still welcome if you can’t predict your hours. And please advise me of the meals you will attend so we can buy the right amount.

John, VA6SJA, CAARC Field Day Chairman

Map to Field Day Location

Click the blue link below to get directions to CAARC Field Day location. Then choose your starting location at the flashing curser in the upper left corner to get driving directions