Hi… I’m John Allen, VA6SJA, and I get excited about Field Day.

 The 2019 ARRL Field Day is scheduled for June 22 and 23. I know, that is the next weekend after our picnic.

 This year we are hoping to have 2 Field Day operations, one Class F Field Day at the Red Deer County Office sponsored by Red Deer and Area ARES for a few hours, and a Class A (emergency powered) Field Day sponsored by CAARC somewhere in the Red Deer area for all or most of the designated 24-hour operating period. Hams can work at both field days if they wish, but if they make contacts between the two stations those contacts may not count in either official score. Participation at the Red Deer County Office will be by invitation only because of its security requirements.

 For a flavour of Field Day, watch this video report of the Westcoast Radio Association’s Field Day effort in 2010. These people participated from the picnic ground in HERITAGE ACRES in Saanichton, a museum park of the Saanich Historical Artifacts Society on Vancouver Island. Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPN1ELCtzsQ .

 Although they start setup on Saturday morning, the rules allow starting setup on Thursday evening if it works better tor the participating club. Field Day hours participation takes place during the same hours across the United States and Canada, so they can start participating at 11:00 a.m. their local time, while the operating event starts at noon local time here. And our effort does not have to include so many transmitters operating at once.

 Help make this happen here! Identify yourself to me at telephone 587-272-2699 (leave a message if I don’t answer) or via email at va6sja@rac.ca.

 There are more ways to score official points during Field Day than were mentioned in the video. As we build up our Field Day crew we will explore them.

 Field Day can also be a social occasion. I have been at Field Days where the sponsoring club provided Saturday Lunch and Sunday Breakfast to participants. In many cases the Saturday evening meal has been a barbeque or pot luck for the participants, club members and their families.

 There may be official ARRL Field Day T-shirts and pins.

 Act now! If you want to help make this happen and think you will be available, call me at 587-272-2699 or email me at va6sja@rac.ca .



Update: I have already received replies from a few hams who wish to participate. I am hoping that will tell me you are coming too.