[html] March 14 2009 saw a new amateur repeater become active in the Edson area.

The repeater is situated on a good location and current testing indicates that long range coverage is possible.
Several tests were done by Ron VE6FV/mobile, Ernie VA6EJR, Brad VE6RNC and Brian VE6EBF/portable this evening. While driving home from Edson, Ron heard the repeater in Hinton and could occasionally copy Ernie. That was wonderful news considering the Obed mountains between Edson and Hinton.
With some fine tuning and tweeking, the repeater should be 100 percent soon.
Thank you to everyone that was involved with this project.
The base of the repeater is at an elevation of 985 meters – 3,231 feet and the 4 element commercial antenna is mounted on a 64 foot tower.
Call: VE6YFR
Lat: 53.677 N
Long: 116.407 W
RX 146.685 Mhz
TX 146.085 Mhz
Power Output approximately 35 watts.
This is an open repeater and we welcome anyone use it.
I would be interested in some long range reports sent to me at my e-mail address. My call@rac.ca
Ernie VA6EJR
Submitted by VA6EJR [/html]